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Door and Window Frames

All our aluminium windows are custom-made to your homes and projects specification. We are building these aluminum window frames with an overall strength and lasting value. Because of their rigidity, durability, and narrow frames, aluminium windows can be customized into a wide variety of combinations based on your needs and requirements.

Long-lasting and with a reliable operation
  √ Strong and durable
  √ Resists deterioration
  √ Narrow sight lines maximize view
  √ Slim frames complement modern architectural styles
  √ Durable factory-applied color options
  √ Reduced energy costs
  √ Improved ventilation
  √ Reduced condensation
  √ Low maintenance

Metal door frames have a range of quality pressed metal door frames which are manufactured from BHP zincanneal steel. Both standard and architectural frames are manufactured to suit most designer's requirements and are produced to a high standard to ensure the accuracy of both size and finish.

Metal Door Frames have a unique stud partition bracket which provides a secure fixing method for both timber and steel studwork. A unique adjustable lock striker is also fitted to allow for fine adjustment for the locking bolt.

Remains straight
Does not twist, shrink, or wrap
White-ant proof
With a strength of steel and a load bearing